New Freugh Park

A vision brought to life.

Lithic Australia was approached by the Waeger Family in 2018 to help source and supply the natural stone for their amazing dream home- a sprawling rural retreat for them and their multigenerational family. This amazing opportunity was not bound by budget but the vision and objective was clear: to create a masterpiece that not only celebrates the picturesque landscape around them but one that also allowed their family to be accommodated as it grew.

The build site chosen for New Freugh Park was at the end of a winding 2.8km driveway, atop a grassy hill. With 180-degree views over Scott’s Flat towards Singleton, the Hunter River, and distant mountain ranges, this project was always destined to stand out.

When the couple first purchased this 400 acre property twelve years ago, they recall being enamoured by four hauntingly beautiful dead gumtrees that sat to the north, south, east and west aspects of the property. The western tree- seen in this photo- is visible from nearly every room of the house, and particularly poignant to Karl Waeger. Upon first visiting the site prior to purchase, Karl took a photo of the same tree striking tree. 

The eye-catching multi-tiered infinity pool, paved in our Mersin Grey limestone, overlooks this spectacular property and the haunting western gumtree. The peaceful, rural backdrop perfectly complements the essence of this rural retreat.

Luxury in tandem with nature.

Natural stone is celebrated throughout the property as a way to truly honour the picturesque surroundings. Our wall cladding in Fyri granite is a striking feature utilised in the landscaping that further connects this beautiful, modern home back to nature.

The outdoor stairs and pathways also use Mersin Grey- the same stone used around the pool. This create a seamless transition between the outdoor spaces.

Perhaps one of the most astonishing feats of this amazing project is this stone floor in the wine cellar. This incredible floor consists of 12,000 individual tiles.

Karl Waeger- the owner of this enviable property- bought our free form authentic Italian Porphyry and cut each one to size himself .

Matt Philp from Intrinsic Tiling then spent 7-8 weeks laying them one by one. 

This project has been a vision of Karl and Bronwyn's for nearly 8 years. It was an amazing opportunity and pleasure for Lithic Australia to work alongside them and help make their dream home a reality. Projects like this are what makes us proud of what we do.