Lithic’s Noir Collection imbues a dark and moody elegance. Every product in this range can be customised to meet individual design needs. This collection is experimental and bold, evoking mystery and seduction.

The largely monocromatic palette is punctuated by ribbons of dark, forest greens and shadows a phosphorescent navy blue.

The stones of this collection have been carefully curated from 4 different countries; each individual stone demands attention and eludes drama. Sourced from as far as Spain and Switzerland, this evocative collection explores the allure of the dark palette.

Dark. Dramatic. Sophisticated.

Inspired by the French film movement that is characterised by shadows, drama, and dark sophistication, Lithic’s Noir draws on these themes to present a collection that is both striking and singular.

Reinvent the traditional use of stone and marble with one of the unique materials from this collection.

Transcend the functional: from earth to art.

Curated Range

Our range has been hand selected for the highest quality. Our premium natural stone products allow you to find the perfect option for your needs, whether you’re looking for a specific colour to complement your kitchen, or a particular size or shape of pavers for your patio.

Globally sourced

Our high-quality products ensure that your natural stone will be durable and long-lasting. We source only from the most reputable quarries around the world and ensure our products are ethically and sustainably harvested.

Fully Customised Options

Normally reserved for designers and architects, we will help create unique, personalised products that meet your specific needs and preferences by offering the ability to fully customise your natural stone by sourcing whatever finish, size, or shape is needed for your project.

Industry Experience

Our knowledgeable staff can provide expert advice on the best natural stone products for your project, as well as help with advice on installation and maintenance. Enjoy the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with working alongside Lithic.

Je ne fais pas de mode. Je suis la mode.

"I don't do fashion. I am fashion." - Coco Chanel