Hilltop Oceanview

Ultimate Coastal Luxury.

Elevated high above the ocean, this project is one of total luxury and prestige.

The combination of luxurious coastal styling with high end contemporary finishes means this space demands attention. Through the frameless glass pool fences, the amazing view is given the precedence it deserves; the cerulean sky and ocean backdrop elevate the space to new levels.

Silver travertine was a striking choice for this area. It is a classic stone that speaks of timeless elegance; its rustic flair creates a weathered effect that can soften the formality of outdoor areas. Hilltop Oceanview used detailed mosaics to bring out the natural blue undertones of the silver travertine, and to further amplify the surrounding ocean backdrop.

Continuing from the rustic travertine, natural stone is further celebrated with these large format basalt steppers. Again, the blue undertones of this tone are complemented by the surrounding view, and their simplicity is highlighted by accents of bright green bush and succulents.

The distinctive veining and natural pitting of this stone gives it a sense of depth and texture, which adds to the overall aesthetic of this striking space.The soft, silver-grey tones complement the rich greenery of the surrounding landscape, as well as the crystal clear pool.

Hilltop Oceanview has created a landscape that truly honours and elevates the natural beauty around it. This project’s considered use of silver travertine ensures that this outdoor space will provide the perfect, luxurious backdrop for future memorable gatherings with family and friends.

Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality.

Angelo Bonati