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At Lithic Australia, we offer a variety of high-end blue stones including granite, basalt, marble, and more. Our blue stone pavers, tiles, slabs, and more, are the epitome of class and style, making them an ideal option for adding a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. From stylish kitchens and bathrooms to beautiful outdoor pool areas and landscaping projects, our blue stone is sure to make a statement and enhance the appearance of your space. Known for their versatility and ability to bring a sense of refinement to any setting, our blue stones are carefully chosen and sourced to ensure they stand the test of time. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing only the best quality products, making us the premier choice for those looking for a truly luxurious stone solution.

Distinctive Colour

Blue stone is subtle and secular, making for a perfect feature element of any space.

Versatile Design Application

This range of shades allows for the stone to be used in a variety of design styles, from modern and minimalistic to more traditional and classic.

Calming Effect

Blue shades in natural stone bring a calming and serene atmosphere which is perfect for spaces that are meant for relaxation like bedrooms, bathrooms, or outdoor spaces.

Unique and Singular

Blue natural stone is one of natures most beautiful offerings, and is available in a variety of colours and finishes. No two pieces are the same, and each vein and fossil tells a story.

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Advantages of blue stone in different spaces 

Using blue stone for bathrooms offers a contemporary look while still promoting a sense of calm and relaxation, making it a great choice for a bathroom. Additionally, blue bathroom tiles introduce a versatile colour that can complement a wide range of design styles and can easily be paired with other colours or patterns to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Blue stone in kitchens can help to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The colour blue is often associated with feelings of tranquillity and serenity, making it a great choice for a space where meals are prepared and enjoyed. Blue tiles can also help to make a kitchen feel larger and more open, as the colour tends to recede and make a space feel more expansive. Additionally, blue tiles are versatile and can be used in a variety of design styles, from traditional to modern, making them a great choice for any kitchen.

Using blue stone in home design offers a variety of options and advantages. The colour blue can add a calming and soothing atmosphere to a room, making it a great choice for bedrooms or bathrooms. Blue stone can also be used as a feature wall or as a flooring option, adding a unique and stylish touch to any space. Additionally, blue stone is durable and easy to maintain, making it a practical choice for high traffic areas. Overall, incorporating blue stone into home design can add both aesthetic and functional value to a space.

Using blue tiles for outdoor spaces is a great option for creating a unique and visually appealing design. These can be used for a variety of applications including flooring, walls, and water features. Blue tiles are durable and can withstand the elements, making them perfect for use in outdoor spaces. In addition, blue tiles can add a sense of tranquillity and serenity to outdoor spaces, making them a popular choice for relaxation and entertainment areas.

Blue can be a great choice for pool pavers because it complements the colour of the pool water and creates a sense of tranquillity and serenity around the pool. Blue pavers are a popular option for pool pavers because they are durable and easy to maintain. Blue pavers would be a standout feature for your pool area and paired with the right finishes and landscaping elements it can create a cohesive and stylish look.

Using blue stone pavers or tiles for landscaping can add a unique and elegant touch to any outdoor space. They can be used for a variety of applications such as creating a pathway, accenting a water feature, or even covering a large area for a patio or seating area. They are also durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas. Additionally, blue stone can reflect light and create a calming atmosphere, making them a popular choice for creating a relaxing outdoor environment.

In nature, light creates the colour. In art, colour creates the light.

Hans Hofmann

Frequently Asked Questions

Lithic’s blue stone tiles and pavers are available in finishes such as honed, polished, sandblasted and brushed, tumbled, hydro blasted, and flamed. 

Blue stone tiles and pavers work with more neutral-coloured grouts such as creams and greys. Any grout that works within the natural colour palette of the stone usually works well. 

Keeping your natural stone clean is easy and our blue tiles and pavers are no exception. Please see our Caring for Your Stone article for more information.

Blue stone pavers and tiles have a subtlety to their colouring that works well with most styles. A Hamptons style could be elevated by use of blue marble, and in a kitchen blue stone would create a stylish and soft ambience.