Italian Porphyry is a classic granite, loved all over the world for its durability and style.


Our Porphyry is an authentic Italian granite, perfect for high traffic areas and high impact landscaping. Its rustic feel is one of both beauty and strength, and brings a warm, Mediterranean element to any space.

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Type And Size In(Mm)
Crazy Paving - FreeLengthxFreeLengthx30-50 Filleti - 150x50x30-50 Cobblestone - 90x90x40-60
Salt Resistance (AS/NZS - 4456.10)
Slip Resistance (AS/NZS 3661.1:1993)

  • Suitable for High Traffic
  • Stocked Item
  • Suitable for Outdoors
  • Suitable for Indoors
  • Slip Resistant Options
  • Pool Safe (Certain Finishes Only)

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no special maintenance required for cobblestones. Sweeping, detergent washing, and bleaching are all common ways to clean cobblestones.

Cobblestones and porphyry don’t only provide a beautiful aesthetic they also provide a structural one. The small size and installation methods of cobblestone make them ideal for use in high traffic areas like driveways and high foot traffic area.

Some benefits of using stones in landscaping compared to other materials include:

  1. Durability: Stones are long-lasting and can withstand exposure to the elements and heavy foot traffic. Stone has been used for thousands of years. 
  2. Natural beauty: Natural stones bring a natural, organic look to landscaping and can add texture and visual interest to outdoor spaces.
  3. Low maintenance: Unlike wood or other organic materials, stones don’t rot, decay, or require frequent replacement.

Absolutely, Cobblestone is ideally suited for driveways.