This collection is an homage to classical art, high fashion, and sculptural textures, with patterns that drape and furl in a way more evocative of a soft organza than of an ancient marble.

The stones in this range are also rich in history, substance, and art. Our authentic Carrara marble, one of the world’s most famous historical stones, has been used throughout history in monuments such as the Temple of Proserpina, and buildings such as the Parthenon.

Marini Blue, with patterns that swarm like a contemptuous storm, is harvested from a quarry where Michaelangelo was based when he was commissioned to make the columns of San Lorenzo, Florence.

Art. History. Style.

Italian marble is synonymous with luxury and style; the Renaissance collection explores this in the way a fashion designer explores material. Diaphanous layers and voluminous patterning blends blues and greys, whilst other stones reveal alluring gilded veining.

It is the dichotomy of ancient, hard marble appearing so ephemerally soft and textured that sets this beautifully evocative collection apart.

Curated Range

Our range has been hand selected for the highest quality. Our premium natural stone products allow you to find the perfect option for your needs, whether you’re looking for a specific colour to complement your kitchen, or a particular size or shape of pavers for your patio.

Globally sourced

Our high-quality products ensure that your natural stone will be durable and long-lasting. We source only from the most reputable quarries around the world and ensure our products are ethically and sustainably harvested.

Fully Customised Options

Normally reserved for designers and architects, we will help create unique, personalised products that meet your specific needs and preferences by offering the ability to fully customise your natural stone by sourcing whatever finish, size, or shape is needed for your project.

Industry Experience

Our knowledgeable staff can provide expert advice on the best natural stone products for your project, as well as help with advice on installation and maintenance. Enjoy the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with working alongside Lithic.

L'arte non è mai finita, ma solo abbandonata.

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." - Leonardo Da Vinci