Merewether Residence

Bold and modern.

From concept to completion this job in Merewether was a pleasure to be a part of. The design of the landscaping had a true understanding of how to work with natural materials in order to both create continuity and define different spaces.

This project- modern and bold- explored different textures and colours with effortless expertise. There was a focus on details that gave this home its exceptional finish.


From the entrance of the home, we wind past beautiful stone clad walls and across a combination of travertine and limestone stepping stones.

From there, we move to the pool past a beautiful copper shower and a concrete pool, settling into a courtyard retreat with a continuation of stone clad walls and built in seating.


The designer worked with a delicate balance of materials using the Fyri wall cladding walling throughout the project. This creates a strong consistent back drop upon which the rest of the design unfolds. The use of our Trumana Classic large format pavers allows for beautiful landing pads through the front garden and entry.

Trumana herringbone tiles are used on the flooring as a playful way of creating new patterns and textures with existing materials.

The beautiful pool and surrounding courtyard is paved in our Terrosa travertine, which adds a rustic modernity, and clean lines amidst the more textured patterning of the nearby wall cladding.

The double blade, wall cladded water feature is a striking statement piece that dials up the contemporary simplicity of the pool. The second courtyard is simple and stylish, with recessed seating and Trumana Classic Herringbone tiles.

This Merewether residence is a space that moves beyond beautiful design. All that worked on this project have helped to create a functional and highly aesthetic environment that completely celebrates natural resources in a new and modern way. It is beautiful to look at from the outside, but that beauty is amplified when you step into the amazing and immersive space.

Design is intelligence made visible.

Alina Wheeler