Pool Paving: Arctic White Marble with 100mm rebated edge
Courtyard Cobble: Trumana Limestone
Cladding: Blari Random Cladding
Builder: Lap of Luxury Pools


Tucked away in this small backyard, Lithic Australia & Lap of Luxury Pools worked to create the perfect paradise employing a bold palette of materials and modern pool design methods.



The Arctic White Marble helps to lift the brightness of the space while still offering rich colours, textures and a P5 slip resistance. The subtle variations in this stone instead allow for the Blari Freeform Cladding to become a feature within the space.


The natural shapes & colours of this cladding combined with the greenery & blade water feature evoke a more natural swimming environment. Cut with the modern elegance of the Arctic White rebated coping & the overall pool design results in a unique fusion of both natural and modern design elements.



The submerged use of stone is a growing trend within Australian pool design as it is an effective way to highlight different colours and textures while creating seamless flow between surrounds and internals. Stone is simply tiled over areas where traditionally glass mosaics or bead-crete would be applied producing a far more visually captivating finish.



The client’s fondness of Thailand inspired our designers to take advantage of a small courtyard to produce a Thai inspired mosaic design utilising our Trumana Limestone cobbles. Not to take away from the pool, the gentle earthy tones flow on nicely from the wall cladding and create a functional courtyard within this confined space.


With Australians spending significant investments to renovate their homes, utilising high quality natural stone products in creative ways is the best way for you to get the most enjoyment out of your project and create long lasting value into your home.

Happy Client