Urban Entertainer

Tennyson Point, Sydney

A combination of Silver Pearl and Trumana Limestones canvas this contemporary entertainer in Sydney’s inner West.

This project has skilfully utilised the gentle movement and natural variation of Silver Pearl limestone to canvas large open living areas within this modern private residence. A variety of custom formats and textures have been used throughout to create unique designs all while maintaining a continuous design aesthetic.

Approaching this home large format tiles have been used to create an open and inviting entryway, while a hidden door maintains a distinct element of privacy. 

In the open plan living area, the light brown and silver movements of Silver Pearl Limestone delicately offsets the dark wood cabinetry and organic colour palette. A honed finish not only increases comfort underfoot, but increases the brightness of the space, catching and reflecting the light from the large glass doors. 

The versatility and durability of natural stone allows for seamless use both indoors and out. To give added slip resistance outdoor tiles have been delicately brushed without compromising the colour and movement of the stone. 

In the construction of the pool, custom cut copings, step treads and wall capping were required to accommodate the restricted site shape. 

For the bathroom Silver Pearl Chevron tiles were used to create a unique design element that creates a separation from the rest of the house, while maintaining an aesthetic continuity. The combination of smaller tile formats and warm lighting truly highlights the beauty in the natural variations of this limestone.

Moving back outside, free form Leiri cladding combined with Chevron cut Trumana limestone combines a natural stone column with a more refined contoured driveway. Continued inside with larger format pavers, the darker body of Trumana Limestone combined with its tested durability makes it an ideal product for high traffic areas. 

This project has combined modern design elements with the raw simplicity of all natural building materials. The Silver Pearl limestone has been used to seamlessly connect large living spaces while its customisability has allowed for the creation of unique design elements throughout the home. The versatility and durability of natural stone has allowed it to place a fundamental role in creating this stylish modern residence. 

Happy Client