Everybody loves limestone! It’s that fresh and yet traditional stone that just looks fabulous in pretty much any situation. Going with limestone outdoors is a sure-fire winner. That’s why it’s important to take a look at your options for limestone pavers before you go ahead and choose just the first thing available. Don’t do that! Check out your options first.

Before you choose your pavers, you need to make sure that the surface you’re going to pave is prepared well first. This is to make sure that your limestone pavers don’t crack or crumble under the weight of traffic over the years. Preparing the ground generally involves compacting the soil then adding a softer bed to place the pavers on. This way they remain solid over time.


One of the biggest decisions to make with your outdoor pavers is whether you are going to seal them. There are plenty of people who decide not to seal their limestone. This is because they want them to wear as they would in nature. However, your yard isn’t exactly the same as a naturally occurring vista out in the wild – much as you may style it to be! Sealing your limestone pavers with a dedicated sealer makes them easy to clean and maintain over time. You will need to reseal every so often, but your pavers will remain in better shape overall.


Limestone isn’t just the sandy yellow-tinged white that we are used to seeing so much. There are plenty of other paver colours available, such as greys, blues, yellows, and whites. Choose a colour that fits in with the overall theme of your yard for maximum effect.


Like any other underfoot stone surface, you have choices when it comes to the finish of your stone too. Limestone pavers are usually honed. However, you can get tumbled or thermally finished pavers, too. Check with us to see what sort of finishes we have for our current range of limestone pavers. We carry a range of different types that often rotate.


The other thing that you will have to take into consideration is the size of your limestone pavers – and the shape. Generally, pavers will come in large, square tiles. However this is can be changed. You can also find smaller pavers and irregular shapes to suit different styles.

At Lithic Australia, we do all sorts of interior and exterior stonework, including exterior limestone pavers and limestone interiors. If you are looking for an affordable stone finish for your house then we are your go-to business. Flip through our stone collection to see what’s on offer.