Taking the first step towards renovating a house can sometimes be a bit discouraging. Especially when it comes to revitalizing the bathroom, a lot of new homeowners are intimidated by the number of decisions that need to be made to end up with a space that is not only functional but maybe even a bit luxe. Turning an aged bathroom into an elegant and classic oasis that will stand the test of time doesn’t have to be a daunting process if you take our advice.

In contemporary living, using marble tiles in contrasting colours for visual interest has become a popular trend in bathroom design. Magazines feature stunning bathrooms, which combine darker and lighter tones to create an exquisite space using dark marble flooring with light marble walls.

Marble is a classic and luxurious building material and incorporating it into your building will definitely increase the value of your property on the market. Designing a bathroom with this precious stone is a true investment and as the material lasts for decades, you will not have to worry about having to renovate this particular interior space any time soon.

In the bathroom, beautiful marble tiles can be used in different areas such as floors, wall and countertops. While a variety of tones and patterns are available on the market, choices like Castile Grey, Tundra Blue and Crema Beige are quite popular. Basic colours allow a good background for seasonal décor changes, while dark hues are associated with sophistication and lighter tones create a more open space.

For your new bathroom, you will want to choose a type of tile that is solid and durable but has a timeless appearance. It is therefore not a surprise that a lot of homeowners opt for marble floor tiles over porcelain, natural stone and poured cement as the high-quality stone is known for its classic and elegant appeal as well as durability.

The versatile material doesn’t hold any moisture so it’s a great choice to surround a shower with luxury, sophistication and elegance. Marble Wall Tiles are easy to clean and come in popular colours such as Castile Ice as well as Castile Pearl.

Marble flooring tiles has made its reappearance in modern bathroom design since the popular stone does not wear off quickly and can get wet without issues. Various flooring looks can be achieved depending on the size of tiles you opt for, as the stone can come in large slabs or fabricated into tiles to accomplish a sleek and modern look. Especially in smaller bathrooms, marble flooring adds an elegant accent to your home without being overwhelming.

Even though bathroom countertops are not as big as kitchen ones, they can still make a design statement and draw attention to the eye when the right marble is chosen. Given there is no stand-alone bathtub, countertops are often the centre of the bathroom and many people choose marble basins to enhance a new modern look.