An amalgamation of history, nature, and art.


Top Notes – bright chalk white.
Middle Notes – ombres of dark charcoal.
Base Notes – a rich blue/grey.

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Type And Size In(Mm)
Paver - 700x450x30 Tile - 700x450x15
Salt Resistance (AS/NZS - 4456.10)
Slip Resistance (AS/NZS 3661.1:1993)
P1-P5 (Dependent on Finish)

  • Stocked Item
  • Suitable for Outdoors
  • Suitable for Indoors
  • Slip Resistant Options
  • Pool Safe (Certain Finishes Only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Marble is the metamorphic transformation of limestone. They are typically calcium carbonates or dolomites that have undergone extreme heat and pressure to form a tight crystalline structure. This makes our marble tiles and pavers are unique and secular every time.

Marble is classified as a metamorphic stone because it is created by the transformation of another type of stone called sedimentary stone. This makes marble structurally and aesthetically different to other stones such as limestones and granites.

Marble has been used in external paving, walling and structural construction for millennia. Not all types are suitable however, which is why it is important to speak to Lithic about the best quality marble. A high quality marble is perfect for outdoor use- this is why we still visit ancient ruins constructed from the same marbles we use today.

The cleaning and maintenance of marble pavers is simple if it is the right marble for the job. Our cleaning and maintenance guide is a better reference, but three simple rules are: use Ph neutral detergents, use oxidisers like sunlight and chlorine for organic stains, and if it is really marked or damaged it can always be refinished.