El Mar

Comfort and luxury, with a rustic edge.


Top Notes – shell white and brown.
Middle Notes – blue/grey veining and rich patterning.
Base Notes – taupe and warm creams.

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Type And Size In(Mm)
Tile - 915x407x20 Slabs Available
Salt Resistance (AS/NZS - 4456.10)
Slip Resistance (AS/NZS 3661.1:1993)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travertine is a type of limestone that has generally formed through an evaporative process around hot springs and thermal vents. Typically, a more durable stone than common limestones. Characterised by a directional nature present in the stone and open cavities; this gives travertine pavers a rustic and raw look that looks perfect in the Australian outdoor landscape.

The main difference is the open cavities which give the stone such a unique characteristic, and a rustic look and feel. 

Sealing is dependant on the selection, type and application of the stone. Speak to the experts at Lithic to learn more.

The biggest misconception about travertine is that the quality is less if the cavities are more. Travertine should have even cavities up to 15mm diameter evenly throughout. What the consumer should look for as a negative is a lack of cavities as this can indicate the presence of clays and loose materials. They should also look into the cavity- you should see a clean crystalline structure in the travertine paver.