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 “The Stone not yet carved

can hold the form of every thought

the greatest artist has.”  – Michelangelo

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“The Stone not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.” Michelangelo

Selecting the Right Stone Around Swimming Pools

Category: Design

If you are dreaming of a beautiful pool surround this article is for you. For years NTS&M have supplied stone around thousands of swimming pools across NSW and carved out a name as one of the leaders in the pool paver market. We want our customers to know when you select a stone from NTS&M […]

Technical Bulletin 26.02.20
Calcium leaching and the formation of scale on limestone.

Category: Technical Information

Overview: Over the past 24 months we have investigated the formation of calcium on some limestones. Calcium is not to be confused with salt (efflorescence). Cases of calcium are not detrimental to the structural integrity, the substance is naturally occurring within the stone, but can be unsightly. Reports of calcium build up have occurred on […]

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Category: Design General Uncategorised

Renovating a bathroom can pose many difficult challenges and choices. Often limited by pre-existing plumbing and a confined space – the goal to create both a functional and aesthetic space can become quite daunting Newtech Stone and Marble offers a range of natural stone products that when integrated into a bathroom design will not only […]

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