“dKnown for its classical beauty, natural stone looks great in kitchens and bathrooms. Marble Floor tiles look great anywhere, and now natural stone is turning the hand basin into a work of art.

Natural stone basins available today are truly beautiful but, of course, the concept isn’t new. Natural stone has been used as sinks and basins for hundreds of years, and it’s just recently that it has been *rediscovered and is becoming the current must have for the home.

Natural stone basins today are sought after simply for their look. Homeowners are drawn to that seamless look, the way the bowl just blends in with the rest of the countertop. For this reason, stone fabricators are creating basins in the same natural stone that is used on benches and countertops.

Just like Marble Floor Tiles, not only do stone basins look amazing, they are also very practical. Natural stone basins that have been created from the one slab of stone give you the option for flexibility. The basin itself can be made to fit the space. This means when you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom, you no longer have to be limited in size; you don’t have to have the “standard” basin size.

In addition to being able to choose the size you want, you can also add additional features. For example, a drain style board can be carved into the benchtop to allow liquid to flow directly into the basin. Custom basin depths can also be created, and even the number of basins you have can be altered. You can have a basin that is long and trough-like, or one that has been divided into separate sections.

In the kitchen, your basin can even be customised to accommodate a cutting board that fits neatly over the sink.

The boring old hand basin or kitchen sink is being transformed using natural stone including marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx and soapstone. Along with the many stone options, there are also several options when it comes to the installation of the basin. They can be set into the benchtop, so only a small amount of the top edge of the basin is visible, or it can sit on top of the benchtop to show off the entire shape of the basin. Basins can also be hung from brackets on the wall which works well with wall mounted tap-wear, or it can be placed on top of a stone pedestal, making it an option as a replacement for the old-fashioned porcelain basin and pedestal stand.

When it comes to choosing a natural stone basin for your home, natural stone sinks and basins combine flexibility, colour and shape with that stunning strength and beauty that has made stone a popular choice for use in homes for many years.