Misconceptions about Natural Stone

Natural stone has long been admired for its unmatched beauty and durability, making it a popular choice in construction and design. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding the use of natural stone that are often based on outdated knowledge and misinformation in the industry. In this article, we will address and dispel some of the most prevalent misconceptions, allowing you to make informed decisions when considering natural stone for your projects.

Misconception #1
Natural Stone is Difficult to Work With

A common misconception is that natural stone is challenging to work with during construction or renovation projects. While it’s true that natural stone requires careful handling and expertise, drastic improvements in material quality and modern construction techniques have significantly eased the process. Advances in cutting, shaping, and installation methods, along with the availability of various tools and equipment, have made working with natural stone more manageable than ever before. On top of this, Lithic Australia carefully sources our product range so that only the best quality material makes it into our Product Range. Professional contractors with experience in handling natural stone can efficiently navigate the intricacies of the material, ensuring a successful and visually pleasing outcome.

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Misconception #2
Natural Stone Demands Excessive Maintenance

The notion that natural stone requires an excessive amount of maintenance can dissuade people from considering it for their projects. While it’s true that natural stone requires some care, this notion often exaggerates the extent of upkeep needed. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, along with periodic resealing (depending on the stone/sealer generally every 2-5 years), is sufficient to keep natural stone surfaces in optimal condition. In fact, this type of maintenance is not that dissimilar to the required maintenance of other surface types i.e., wood, ceramic, concrete. Modern sealing solutions have simplified maintenance, reducing the frequency of sealing and making it more manageable for homeowners and businesses alike.

Misconception #3
Natural Stone is Expensive

The misconception that all natural stone options are excessively expensive can prevent individuals from exploring this material for their projects. Some people hear the word Marble and immediately decide it’s off limits without a second thought. However, the cost of natural stone can vary widely based on factors such as the type of stone, its rarity, and its source. More common and easily accessible types of stone can be affordable without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Researching different types of natural stone and consulting with experts can help you find options that align with your budget while providing the beauty and durability natural stone is known for.

Misconception #4
Natural Stone Isn’t as Strong as Composite Stone or Cement

Comparative misconceptions often arise when people pit natural stone against composite stone or cement in terms of strength and durability. Natural stone, depending on the type, can indeed be incredibly strong and enduring. Granite, for example, rivals the strength of many composite materials and cement. The key lies in selecting the right type of natural stone for the intended application and understanding its specific structural characteristics.

Misconception #5
Natural Stone Isn’t Environmentally Friendly

Contrary to the belief that natural stone extraction harms the environment, responsible sourcing practices have been put in place to address this concern. Many quarries adhere to sustainable methods and ethical labour practices, minimizing the ecological impact. Additionally, natural stone’s longevity and especially its recyclability contribute to its environmental friendliness. Unlike synthetic materials that may release harmful chemicals and use more resources during production and over time, natural stone remains a safe and sustainable choice for construction and design.

Addressing these misconceptions about natural stone is crucial for making informed decisions in construction and design. Natural stone, while it may require specialized handling and care, offers unparalleled beauty and durability. With modern construction techniques, manageable maintenance practices, a range of price points, and diverse options to choose from, natural stone remains a versatile and captivating choice for those seeking timeless elegance in their projects.

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