Travertine is becoming more and more popular as an option for flooring. It gives an old-school effect, reminding your guests of Ancient Greece and Rome. It recalls historical sites and mystical ruins, but its crisp, well-maintained appearance gives your home a touch of modern class. Travertine is a natural stone, so it’s kind to the environment.

It breathes well and has a low-slip rating when wet, so if you’re looking for travertine pavers for your swimming pool in Newcastle, we are the business to come to. You can see them used in our portfolio and decide if they’re something you want for your home. Travertine can be tumbled or polished. For outdoor use, the raw surface of tumbled travertine works better and needs less maintenance.

However, if you’re swinging towards travertine tiles, Newcastle homes can also use this polished stone indoors, or as a flooring transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. It works well in bathrooms too, because the glossy shine creates a clean, elegant look while avoiding mould and mess since travertine is both highly porous and low-slip.

For your swimming pool or pond area, travertine can be used in the paving as well as the coping. It’s not ideal for the pool itself because its porous nature would lead to unnecessary water wastage. However, on the patio and right up to the edge of the pool, it can be used to good effect. The sandy tone of travertine gives a seaside aura to your pool area.

It makes an excellent spot for sunning yourself because you can lie on the paving and enjoy a gentle bask without the scorching heat of concrete. It’s softer on bare feet as well. Travertine paving doesn’t need much maintenance. You can just hose it down with a high-pressure water source. You could scrub it lightly once a month, to remove deeper dirt.

Travertine pavers resist chlorine so that they won’t bleach or erode from prolonged exposure They’re resistant to sun and salt, so they work with salt-water pools as well. If you’re an evening swimmer, consider paving your poolside with tumbled silver travertine. Its hues are darker, with hints of beige and grey. Highlight your pavers with some poolside light fixtures.

This way, when you do your laps after work, the light can play off the pavers, the water, and the stars to give a magically soothing twilight experience. But if your swimming routine revolves around sunny afternoons, consider decking your patio with Miletus travertine. Its rich, creamy beige fits perfectly with the lazy sun-soaked weather.

Close off the poolside area with a glass balustrade that will create shimmers and reflections on the poolside area. Pick the right kind of glass though. Ensure there’s lots of air circulation, and use safety glass to prevent accidents. Clean the glass frequently to maintain aesthetics.

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