Stone Spotlight: Travertine

Travertine is a classic and well-loved stone that has been used throughout history. Lithic Australia’s authentic travertines have been sourced from the finest quarries all around Europe.
This stone is an ancient material that dates back hundreds of thousands of years and has been used in monuments and buildings around the world. Its charm, however, is still striking in modern homes. From sleek and contemporary greys to a more rustic, Mediterranean vibe with tumbled edges, it’s an extremely versatile stone that looks perfect anywhere.

Our travertines are available in a range of colours- from luminous grey, to buff beige, to a striking terracotta red. From bathroom walls and kitchen splashbacks to travertine pavers around your pool, it is amazing how travertine can transform any aspect of your home with its rustic yet refined style.

Travertine is often mistaken for limestone or marble, but it’s actually a form of sedentary rock with a beautiful matte finish that is inimitable in its aesthetic. It looks great in both traditional and modern homes, and there aren’t many floor materials that can create the same raw yet sophisticated look to a foyer or home entry than travertine floor tiles.

If you want to add a striking feature to your kitchen, Lithic has beautiful beige travertine sold by the slab; each one is completely unique – a true original- and solely designed by nature.
This classic material also looks great in modern bathrooms, and the creative options are limited only by your imagination. Travertine tiles set on the diagonal can give an alluring geometric appeal; when coupled with this stone’s natural matte finish, details like this can transform any bathroom into a work of art.

When it comes to choosing travertine for your home, remember that while it comes in a range of patterns and colours, it will scuff and scratch easier than some other stones. It depends on the surface finish- high polished travertine, for example, is more resistant than a matte finish when used indoors. Travertine can also be porous and is best not used where oils or stains can soak into it and diminish its natural beauty.

Travertine undoubtedly adds sophistication to the outdoor areas of your home too- from garden pathways and steppingstones to pavers around the swimming pool. Like other natural stones, it looks great in summer or winter, and will age beautifully over time.

At Lithic Australia, we are proud to sell and supply the finest travertine from around the world. If you are intrigued to find out how this ancient stone can completely transform your space, speak to us today.