Introducing our new range of natural stone slabs, created deep within the earth over millions of years. Unique mineral composition and unimaginable temperature and pressure have come together to leave us with the beautiful material opportunities we now offer. Our Marble, Limestone and Travertine slabs are unique works of art, carefully selected to celebrate natural construction. 

Slabs have been a major part of our projects division for over a decade. In that time we have learned how to make the material sing.

Often natural stone is selected for its shock and awe. These pieces are undoubtedly beautiful but often distract from the overall design, confusing a space. Lithic slabs are presented to enhance a design, not distract from it. Subtle variations in the stones patina merge and grow within a design allowing the space come alive.

Currently showing at our Beresfield site and through digital consultation. Contact us to learn more about these exclusive materials.


Our first product drop of slabs consists of 12 different materials in large format. Often accompanied by tile, paver, walling and mosaic options (several slab types have sold out of initial stocks pre launch). Customised sizes and finishes are also available.