Trumana Perth Residence

Stone used: Trumana Classic Limestone
Sizes: Custom tiles, Cobles and 812x406x15mm tiles
Finished: Sandblast and Brushed, Honed, Polished, Tumbled acid washed.

A masterful use of Trumana Limestone captures the versatility and life of natural stone in this award-winning build.

On approach a shared garden and matching Trumana Cobblestone driveways establishes harmony, while the different selections and surface finishes of Trumana are used to frame the middle floors, establishing a unique identity and distinction between these two homes.

Moving inside, the soft grey of the Sandblasted and Brush Limestone draws in natural light, while subtle darker variations highlight the artistic elements within the space.

Nestled among native fauna, the use of antique wooden pieces welcomes the outdoor natural environment. Combined with the delicate veining of the Trumana Limestone. These two natural elements, wood and stone, allow for an elegant harmony with a distinctly modern space.

Within the bathrooms, electing to use Trumana Limestone for both flooring and walls creates depth and space while maintaining a distinct sense of privacy. Light flowing in from a large frosted window illuminates the delicate detail and precision of the custom subway tile divider. By skillfully working with minimal materials, this bathroom is able to capture a sense of simplicity and modernity, while the subtle movements and natural variation of Trumana Limestone creates aesthetic intrigue.

The neighboring property has utilized Trumana limestone in a honed finish. Honed and polished finishes bring forth a stone’s natural characteristics, allowing Trumanas deep earthy colours, mineral veins and delicate fossils to become central to the design of a space.

Used throughout the main living area, Trumana’s deep earth tones and intermittent white veining ties together the dark timber wall panels with the white cabinetry and Marble splash-back.

The versatility of natural stone allows it to be utilised both underfoot and for unique feature walls. Honed finishes delicately reflect natural light, whilst here a lighter sandy timber ceiling is used to balances the earth tones beneath.

 Tumbled subway tiles with an acid wash finish allow the fireplace to become a unique element it is own, while still maintaining the overarching aesthetic of the home. 

The natural durability of natural stone allows it to be used seamlessly in indoor and outdoor designs. A combination of textures, Celestial Split face cladding with precision cut Trumana subway tiles creates another simple yet intriguing feature within this home.

The successful execution of projects like this requires an immense understanding of both the products being used and the manufacturing procedures behind them. This industry experience and understanding empowers our clients to confidently use natural stone throughout projects to bring Bold and beautiful designs to life.

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