SOUL - Cronulla

Awarded 2019 MBA Building of the Year, SOUL leverages the timeless aesthetic and functional endurance of natural stone to set a new precedent for build quality and sustainability on this iconic Australian headland

Construction: BRONXX Construction
Architect: Vic Lake Architects
Interior Design: Mia Lake Interiors
Material Supply: NewTech Stone & Marble

Products used: Celestial Limestone, Castile Cloud Marble & Afyon white Marble.

SOUL Cronulla, a collaboration between Vic Lake Architects, BRONXX Construction group, Newtech Stone & Marble and Mia Lake Interiors has skillfully recognized and integrated the aesthetic and functional properties of natural stone to create a set of apartments timeless in design and quality. Collaboration throughout the design and build allowed NTSM to understand and appreciate the developer’s vision and subsequently provide a unique suite of natural stone products and solutions to help define this award winning build.

The entrance and foyer of a building may in many cases be the only common space experienced by all residents. Additionally, it is the first and perhaps only interaction a guest or visitor may have with a building. Whether welcoming returning residents or new visitors, this area serves to introduce SOUL to all. Unmissable is the large Castile Cloud marble piece with an inbuilt floating feature.

Custom cut Afyon White Marble stools give visitors a place to sit and admire the high-level craftsmanship. These statement pieces are offset with a lush vertical garden featuring a range of seasonal colors and textures. Transitioning inside, the anti-slip diamond scratch Celestial limestone changes to a honed format, allowing the stones unique colors and movements to become a canvas for a sleek interior design

Overall the confident use of stone exudes organic strength and stability, while the craftsmanship of the customized pieces with considered greenery gives the space a sense of balance and harmony between natural elements.

The rooftop and external faces of a building will experience the most weathering from natural elements, and thus a suitable design must balance aesthetics with functional durability. The extensive use of Celestial rock face cladding is critical in maintaining this balance.

Masterfully assembled this façade evokes a sense of strength and permanence that other materials can only aspire to. The salt attack resistant properties of Celestial limestone make it an ideal material for high saline coastal environments and generally harsher conditions. This balance of aesthetic and function is an invaluable component in creating SOUL’s luxury private rooftop pool and garden.

Celestial limestone tiles with a diamond scratch surface finish offer an incredibly hard wearing and durable rooftop material, that is both anti-slip and cool underfoot. The subdued variation of the diamond scratch finish allows it to canvas large areas and allow other elements such as the Castile Cloud Marble BBQ, the raised glass plunge pool and flowering succulent garden to add a variety of colour & character to this space.

The interior styling of each apartment works to develop a unique sense of coastal living. A clean design with large curving walls maximises natural light and works to blur the dinstinction between inside and out.

A selection of natural weathered materials creates an spacious feel with splashes of colour and decadence throughout. Natural stone is again utilised, both on the balconies and kitchen splashbacks. A focus on a neutral pallette with high quality modern finishes provides the perfect canvas for future residents to imprint their personal style.

SOUL Cronulla truly builds precendent for the use of high quality natural materials to offer a timeless aesthetic and functional durability in an industry so often concerned with immediate returns. Australia will continue to be an attractive place for residential and commerical real estate and as emphasis grows on sustainiabilty and endurance in the face of a changing climate, SOUL will no doubt inspire many for decades to come.

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