Cams Warf Part 1

Stone Walling: Blari Free Form Cladding
Paving: Silver Trav French Pattern
Designer: MUD Landscape Designs
Installation: Owner built

This remarkable refurbishment on the water at Cams Warf is a particularly stunning project. Tasked with reimagining a large tired pool area the Team at MUD have created something special.

The entrance to the property is now guarded by a beautifully clad wall. The random lines of the Blari cladding and unique colour variation provide an inviting backdrop to the garden in front. Creating an inviting stunning entry to this beautiful lake side home.

The newly refurbished pool has been framed with a custom size tumbled coping piece. Older concrete pools often have a complicated edge beam to work with. This pool was no exception. Lithic customised these pieces to create a seamless coping row that masked the complex structure under neath, Framing the pool perfectly.

The continuation of the Silver Trav French pattern outside of the coping row and throughout the rest of the outdoor entertaining area has created a subtle surface. One of the big risks with open spaces like this is you end up with too many lines. The French patter works to soften the lines between the pavers over larger areas. This simple pattern is key to the elegance of this space.

In summary Part 1 of this Cams Warf project has delivered an inviting space. The use of timbers stone is complimented by a luxurious planting pallet and small furnishing help punctuate the space perfectly. It is hard to make such a large space so comfortable and relaxing, but this project has nailed it.

We can’t wait to see Part 2 the second pool…

Happy Client