Product Sealing Chart

Sealing can be the best thing for natural stone- however incorrect sealing (or sealer) can be the worst.

At Lithic Australia we have selected our materials with maintenance and longevity in mind. The following chart is a guide to understand what sealers to use and when to use them on our materials.

Several different types of sealers exist for natural stone. The right type of sealer is defined by a combination of factors: stone, application, and the type of use.

It is important to note that sealers do not protect natural stone against all staining and damage. Sealer is a precaution and should not be relied upon to overcome poor stone selection.

Below are the charts of recommended sealers per Lithic Australia product and application:

For more detailed information around sealing, maintenance, cleaning or pre specification testing, contact the team at Lithic Australia.  

*This is not a guide for other companies’ materials and should not be used as general information outside of Lithic Australia materials.