Lithic Australia’s eSelection


This couple were already interested in our Smokey stone but weren’t sure how it would look with the rest of their build.

We put a few elements together that already existed on their build, and this gave them peace of mind that they were making the right decision.

Here’s how it turned out.

The customer requested that the pool paver work well with elements in her living room as well as external elements of her home as the pool is a main focal point of the room through a floor to ceiling window.

After a few different stones were suggested, Arctic White seemed to stick out as the hero that’d suit all the differing aspects of the build.

Take a look at the build above.

For this build, they were looking for a paver and tile that would go well together as they wanted to have walling around part of the pool, and this would be right next to the paver surrounding the pool.

We have multiple options of pavers and tiles that are made with the same stone, just in different finishes, so one of those seemed like the perfect option for this build.

This project required a paver that would bring a little bit of warmth to the area.

The couple had already chosen a variety of materials for their build, and we used those design elements to help them visualise how our stone would complement and contrast their materials. Ultimately, they went with our Terrosa paver.

The finished result was stunning.