Is your bathroom due for a much needed makeover? Transform your bathroom into a space of serenity and tranquillity by using natural stone like marble. Marble looks great in the bathroom, it’s versatile and visually stunning, and adds a touch of grandeur to your bathroom. The natural finish of marble accentuates its free forming patterns, so no marble tile or basin looks the same.

Each piece of marble is individually unique from the next. Marble comes in a variety of colours and shapes, and you will be sure to find something that suits the aesthetic of your home. Marble floor tiles not only look great in the bathroom with their non-slip surfaces but they also have a distinctive and luxurious appeal, so why not make your bathroom brilliant and glamorous by installing some marble floor tiles and a sink? Marble is durable and resistant to heat, cracking, and chipping, making it an ideal choice for places in your house that are used frequently. So let’s take a look at some styles of marble basins for your home in Newcastle.

Marble basins come in a range of natural, neutral, and semi-neutral colours. The appeal and natural appearance of marble give it the advantage of being able to blend with your pre-existing aesthetic and enhance the look to new levels of beauty.

For a more modern look, go for deeper, darker greys that look almost like the colour of the stone. The natural finish paired with the darker colours gives the illusion that you’re showering outdoors near a cliff face!

For a regal affair, try using off-white around the sink and for the basin. Pair with the older style retro taps to have your bathroom looking like the Queen’s and brushing your teeth will become a royal affair.

For a more primal approach, use a marble with a rougher finish. The more prominent patterns pair with a minimalistic approach to aesthetics and will transform your bathroom’s accent into that of a luxurious Balinese villa.

Marble basins come in a variety of sizes and shapes and choosing one for your bathroom will depend on the aesthetic, finish and feel you require. The above sink bowl option is an excellent look for a minimalistic approach. There is also the square basin with a concave in the centre. If you’re going for a more royal affair, there are many marble basin options available that will turn your bathroom into a thing of beauty.

The best way to see our extensive range of marble basins and floor tiles is to pop in to Lithic Australia’s showroom or browse our website. We have a myriad of marble in all shapes, finishes, and sizes and pride ourselves on our customer service from sales to installation to aftercare. So if it’s time for that bathroom makeover, don’t hesitate to give the people at Lithic Australia a shout.